The (Virtual) US Cycling Road Trip begins

So I’ve decided I want to extend my original plan of cycling a virtual course from the west to the east coast of the USA into something more – a trip that takes in all 48 mainland states in one continuous route (I’ll do the other two – Hawaii and Alaska – separately)

Before you get too excited about me being away from home to do this, I will reiterate that it is a VIRTUAL ride. It means it’s all done from my dining room here in the UK. It’s hard though – hills are accurately replicated (if not harder) although of course I don’t need to worry about the weather – it will be persistently British in nature.

I’m using a TACX iGenius trainer – it shows up the route via Google Earth and Google StreetView. It’s a great device, albeit with quirky software. As of today I’ve completed 15 rides, starting near San Diego, California, and now nearing Roswell in New Mexico. I’ll resist the urge to look for UFOs as I approach!

So here are all the rides so far. I’ll update as I progress for posterity.

#1- Encinitas, CA, to Lakeside, CA

#2 – Lakeside, CA, to Ocotillo, CA

#3 – Ocotillo, CA to Blythe, CA

#4 – Blythe, CA to Wenden, AZ

#5 – Wenden, AZ to Aguila, AZ

#6 – Aguila, AZ to Wittman, AZ

#7 – Wittman, AZ to Phoenix, AZ

#8 – Phoenix, AZ to Queen Creek, AZ

#9 – Queen Creek, AZ to Bylas, AZ

#10 – Bylas, AZ to Greenlee County Airport, AZ

#11 – Greenlee County Airport, AZ to Hanover, NM

#12 – Hanover, NM, to Hillsboro, NM

#13 – Hillsboro, NM to Garfield, NM

#14 – Garfield, NM to White Sands, NM

#15 – White Sands, NM to Pinon, NM

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